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Pronunciation dictionary based on subtitles. Over 5.2M pronounced phrases.

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   This pronunciation dictionary allows you to search for examples of pronunciation of words in different languages ​​in real speech. We have extracted subtitled audio from thousands of video files so that you can listen to how a particular word is actually pronounced in various situations.
   Enter a word or phrase and this dictionary will give you audio fragments containing pronunciation of the word. Currently, the dictionary supports a large number of English, Spanish and Russian words. We are working on updating dictionaries for other languages.
   The main feature of this service, which distinguishes it from other pronunciation sites, is that it provides pronunciation of words, not individually, but in context, in real speech. The basic unit of this pronunciation dictionary is a sentence or a fragment of text.
   This dictionary is entirely built upon this API. You may use the engine of this dictionary of pronunciations on your website or in a mobile application.
   In particular, the functionality of examples of pronunciation of words is highly demanded by users on sites of dictionaries, as well as resources for learning foreign languages. If you own a dictionary site or a service for learning English, Spanish, Russian or other language supported by our service, we suggest trying our API.


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Get the results in JSON format
"title":"Video title",
"body":"Eres un mentiroso. Asumiré el mando.",
"highlight": {
"body":["Eres un mentiroso. Asumiré el [hl]mando[/hl]."]

Use HTML5 <audio> tag to embed the audio file containing the requested word
<audio controls="true" preload="none" controlsList="nodownload">
<source src="" type="audio/mp4">
<source src="" type="audio/webm">

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